Welcome to Niche Software, a MicroISV based in Wellington, New Zealand.

The primary goal of the site is as a host to my writing - mostly entries in my blog, but also including more detailed articles and the occasional highly opinionated editorial. A secondary, but still important, goal is to be a place to post some tools, utilities and toys that I have written. As I tend to develop applications that "scratch my own itch," most of these are fairly technical in nature. Please check out the license on any item you download - while many are free, some are not.

Impossible Numbers

Jan 18 2020 professional

There’s a very clever piece of design advice that I was taught at university that seems to be less well known than I expected.

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Logging Demonstrated

Jan 11 2020 wordtutor-redux csharp

After earlier defining our logging interface, some readers posed a few questions about how it would work from a consumers perspective. So before we look at implementation details, let’s look at how we’ll instrument our code and what the output might look like.

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Sharpen The Saw - January 2020

Jan 04 2020 sharpen-the-saw

In today’s post: The story of the Visual Studio Code team turning on strict null checking; Eric Lippert talks about why null is not false; Analyzers for Fluent Assertion users; the PowerToys for Windows are back; Make sure you have five reasons to do anything; Remember IDEAL CHALK when writing code; how to choose a good password generator; retailers need to take responsibility for data breaches; more on programming fonts; fixing your inconsistent sleep schedule; and unit testing at Google.

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Mandelbrot Screensaver

Mandelbrot Screensaver is a screensaver that automatically generates images from Mandelbrot fractal, generating a never ending display of fractal images on your screen.

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WordTutor, a tool for running interactive spelling drills: the easy way to ove your spelling.

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OOS Alarm

OOS Alarm is a repeating alarm clock which pops up regularly to remind you to appropriate breaks during your work each day.

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Becoming a Better Developer

In this talk I pass on some of the things I've learnt about being a better developer.

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Static Analysis for the Win

We all know that the earlier we find a bug, the cheaper it is to fix. Shouldn't we therefore be doing everything we can to identify bugs as early as possible?

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The Pragmatic Programmer

Unusually for a technical book published in 1999, The Pragmatic Programmer remains thoroughly relevant to the modern developer. I present a review of this book, looking at how it is relevant to the modern developer.

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Writing Maintainable Code

One core skill that every developer should cultivate is the ability to write Maintainable Code - code that can be easily understood.

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Geek Communication

In June 2014, presenting to the first cohort of the Enspiral Devacademy talking about the nature of "geeks" and how to communicate effectively with them.

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Unit Testing 101

A beginners introduction to unit testing, based on Roy Oscherove's book Art of Unit Testing. Presented to both Software Quality New Zealand and to Statistics New Zealand.

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