Wiki for the win

Monday, December 01 2003 tools

Have you ever used a Wiki? A Wiki is a collaborative, cooperative web site, usually open for anyone (and everyone) to contribute towards. Sounds chaotic, doesn’t it.

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Bitmap cloning in .NET

Thursday, December 11 2003 dotnet

For some odd reason, Cloning a .net Bitmap doesn’t actually give you a different image. Oh, sure, the object returned from Bitmap.Clone() is a Bitmap, and it is a different instance of the Bitmap class from the one you started with. But it’s not a different image.

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The Asylum

Friday, December 19 2003 ux

If you are a software developer who is ever responsible for the user interface provided to your users, then this is a book you have to read.

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Streams in .NET

Friday, December 26 2003 dotnet

In my previous entry I wrote about how .net streams don’t have a built in way to copy from one stream to another.

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