Writing Secure Applications

Thursday, January 01 2004 professional

One of the fundamental tennets of writing secure applications is to control your inputs - many of the classic exploits against web servers and networked applications rely the way unexpected inputs are mishanded.

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Chris Sells

Thursday, January 15 2004 professional

I’ve been reading the site of Chris Sells for some time, tracking his blog. I find that often his posts lead me across the net, following references from place to place, learning some interesting things on the way.

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No more Applications

Sunday, January 18 2004 technology

Joe Hewit has posted an interesting comment about how he’d like to see applications completely disappear, replaced by an operating system coupled with pieces of functionality from different vendors that all work together.

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Generics in .Net

Wednesday, January 28 2004 csharp

I’ve been following with interest various articles that have been published about the addition of Generics to .Net.

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