No longer the C# we knew

Friday, March 21 2008 csharp

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been spending a great deal of time getting to grips with the new features available in .NET 3.5, especially the new syntax supported by C# 3.0.

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Lambda Events

Saturday, March 22 2008 csharp

One key feature of C# as a language is its event support. While the basic infrastructure has remained substantially unchanged from the original 1.0 version of C#, the supporting syntax has become progressively cleaner and clearer.

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Why Crystal Reports Sucks

Saturday, March 29 2008

In this article, a minor revision of one originally written in December 2005, I talk about the utter frustration of trying to develop with Crystal Reports. For a product that has such a high market share - and which has maintained market leadership for such a long time - Crystal Reports sure gets a whole bunch of things wrong. It’s not all bad, however. Each of my complaints can be easily addressed - and I’m giving the ideas away.

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Huffman User Interfaces

Sunday, March 30 2008 ux

In the realm of data compression, one of the fundamental techniques that everyone learns is Huffman coding. The premise of this simple technique is to assign shorter codes for things that are mentioned more frequently, and longer codes for less common things. Another important feature of this technique is that codes are no longer than they have to be - you wouldn’t use a 6 bit symbol if a 2 bit one would suffice.

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Options and Preferences

Sunday, March 30 2008 ux

Any non-trivial application will have some degree of customisation - options the user can select to alter the way the application behaves.

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The One True Way

Sunday, March 30 2008 professional

A good development system will permit many approaches to the design of an application or service. Some of these approaches will be flexible, some will be rigid; some stable (even in the face of change), and others brittle and prone to failure.

What makes the difference between systems that come together easily working so well, and systems that seem to fight back with their authors, never coming together without a fight? Why is it that the one approach can work so well in one tool, but be a proverbial pain in another?

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Niche Software - Relaunched

Monday, March 31 2008 admin

Welcome to the relaunch of Niche Software.

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