I saw the news in the technology section of the newspaper this week that Compudigm is no more.

Back in the days when I was a Delphi specialist, not a C# one, I spent a couple of years working for Compudigm as a developer.

I learnt a lot at Compudigm about, well, a lot of things - working with smart people has a way of helping you get smarter yourself.

Even though I’ve moved on to other things, I’ve always wanted Compudigm to succeed - not just because there’s code of mine that I’d like to see used, but because I’ve always thought that the seePOWER product was just too cool to fail.

It seems I was wrong.

Five things I learnt at Compudigm:

  • Project managers seldom object to too much information.
  • Sometimes, the Customer is wrong. The trick is in how you tell them.
  • Smart code isn’t always enough.
  • The right picture can be worth 1,000,000 data points.
  • Being right isn’t enough - you need to be heard too.


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