I was reading today about the so-called ‘awesome bar’ included in the upcoming release of Firefox 3 and was struck by the observation that many commentators seem to be simply complaining about change.

Dealing with constant (and accelerating) change is part and parcel of working in the IT industry.

As a software developer, change is a key part of what I do - changing business processes and outcomes is the goal the software is supposed to help achieve.

Consider this: If the business is unchanged by the delivery of the software, that software has delivered no value at all. That’s a pretty poor return on the investment.

What strikes me as odd is this: Some of my colleagues appear to be steadfastly against any change at all in their own environment, even while they work towards making major changes to other peoples environments.

Now, I’m not saying that change is good in it’s own right - change has to be for a good reason. I am saying that an even hand is necessary.


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