Stylecop Documentation and Supression

Friday, August 01 2008 stylecopcmd

The current download of StyleCop doesn’t include any documentation that tells you what standards it enforces.

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Why use StyleCop?

Friday, August 01 2008 stylecopcmd

One question that I’ve been asked recently is Why use StyleCop? I believe that StyleCop is another example of a trend towards automation that has existed in our industry for decades.

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Single Instance Applications

Sunday, August 03 2008 tips

The .NET framework has lots and lots of built in goodies that aren’t well enough known - like built in support for ensuring only a single copy of the application runs at a time.

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Tool Proficiency

Monday, August 04 2008 tips

I’ve long been of the opinion that it can be immensely fruitful to work towards being a virtuoso of your development environment. The more effectively you can drive the environment, the faster you’re going to get the job done - and the more time you can spend on thinking.

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Conscious Development

Wednesday, August 06 2008 testing

I’m working on a couple of minor personal projects at the moment, and I’m using them as an opportunity to try and hone my skills at TDD/BDD style development. Even though I first heard about TDD some years ago, I haven’t yet made the breakthrough where it becomes automatic. I guess I’m still at the conscious competence stage of skill acquisition. I figured it would be useful to share a couple of things that I’ve found to be useful.

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The Best RSS Reader

Monday, August 11 2008 tips

After using both RSS Owl and RSS Bandit for simply ages, I’ve finally found an RSS Reader that works the way that I want - and it was under my nose the whole time.

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Outcome Based Thinking

Tuesday, August 12 2008 random

Over on 43 Folders (great site, well worth a spelunk or two) there’s a great post on getting focused.

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.NET 3.5 SP 1 problems ...

Saturday, August 16 2008 tips

It seems that .NET 3.5 Service Pack 1 has a few issues …

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Mandelbrots on TV

Monday, August 18 2008 mandelbrot

A couple of weeks ago, I received an email out of the blue from NOVA, a documentary series produced by the American PBS television channel.

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NUnit Best Practices

Thursday, August 21 2008 tips

I’m always looking to do things better tomorrow that I did yesterday - and to that end, I find other peoples ‘Best Practices’ posts endlessly valuable … not that I always agree with them of course, but I do enjoy being challenged to think.

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Visual Studio Shortcuts for StyleCop

Tuesday, August 26 2008 visual-studio

It turns out that there are shortcuts for the StyleCop analysis window in Visual Studio. It’s just that no-one seems to have documented them.

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NAnt and WiX Versioning

Wednesday, August 27 2008 deployment

In this post, I show how I’ve managed to integrate WiX into my NAnt build scripts while retaining consistency of versioning.

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Thursday, August 28 2008 tools

Lutz Roeder, author of the Reflector tool, has sent out an email burst with this announcement:

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