Databinding with Lists

Monday, September 08 2008 tips

A question came up recently on the NZ dot Net mailing list:

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Upgradable MSI installations with WiX

Friday, September 12 2008 tips

I had some interesting challenges when integrating WiX based MSI installer generation into my build scripts. My previous post (NAnt and WiX Versioning) details how I ended up injecting version numbers into the MSI build. In this post, I detail how to ensure that each newly generated installation file will cleanly replace the previous.

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WiX Techniques

Friday, September 12 2008 deployment

I’ve collected a couple of my posts on WiX techniques and turned them into a reference white-paper for your convenience.

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New Zealand TechEd 2008

Saturday, September 13 2008 random

I was lucky enough to attend this years TechEd, in Auckland. My intention was to blog a review of the event as soon as I returned to Wellington, but my head was spinning so much (a combination of information overload and illness) that I decided to give things a week to settle down. So, without further ado, here are my highlights from TechEd New Zealand, 2008 …

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Fail Loudly

Tuesday, September 23 2008 professional

The premise that systems should ‘fail fast’ is pretty well established - the idea has it’s own wikipedia page, and any number of books talk about it as a fundamental premise. For example, Release It! from the Pragmatic Bookshelf makes several references to Fail Fast in Chapter 5: Stability patterns.

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Creative Discipline

Thursday, September 25 2008 professional

Over on 43 Folders, Merlin Mann has posted a thought provoking article Attention & Ambiguity: The Non-Paradox of Creative Work

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