Subversion Fun

Monday, November 10 2008 ux

Sometimes a good error message is all it takes …

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Being a Tidy Kiwi

Tuesday, November 11 2008 professional

Going through blog posts that I’ve flagged for follow-up, I found a gem from 2006, “On Graffiti and Broken Windows” by Stuart Caborn. The psychological and sociological trends that Stuart references, from Malcolm Gladwells “Tipping Point”, as well as others I’ve read (such as “Freakonomics” by Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt) all point to the value of taking the time to be tidy.

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Small Fonts

Tuesday, November 11 2008 tips

A recent question on asked Why use Monospace fonts in your IDE.

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A Server out of Space

Tuesday, November 18 2008 random

This morning I discovered that our StarTeam server was being uncooperative – refusing to accept check-ins because of a lack of available storage space.

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Scheduling Downtime

Wednesday, November 19 2008 ux

Now I’m all in favour of keeping your users informed - letting them know in advance of planned downtime is more than simple good manners, it’s necessary.

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Finding Configuration Files

Sunday, November 23 2008 smart-code

Here’s a useful technique for finding the location of configuration files.

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Giving your Application a voice

Monday, November 24 2008 tips

No, I’m not talking about using speech synthesis to abuse your users when they make a mistake – though the idea has merit … I’m instead referring to a blog entry written by Oren Eini back in August. Oren made the suggestion that your application should have a blog – a place where it can post informative messages about normal operation and abnormal conditions.

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