Nova's Fractals

Thursday, December 11 2008 mandelbrot

I hadn’t thought to check for a while, but today when I looked at the Nova website, I spotted that they now have their show “Hunting the Hidden Dimension” mentioned.

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Financial Functions for .NET

Wednesday, December 17 2008 tips

This looks pretty useful – Luca Bolognese has implemented (during paternity leave, no less!) a fairly complete library of Financial functions for .NET.

If this had been around a few months ago, a project I’m working on might have taken quite a different approach. Something to bookmark for later.

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Announcing NAntGraph

Thursday, December 18 2008 nantgraph

What is NAntGraph? NAntGraph is a documentation tool designed to make it easier to understand NAnt or Ant build files. I’ve found NAnt to be a versatile and reliable tool, but all to often it is difficult for someone else to pick up a build file and understand what is happening.

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On Leadership Styles

Thursday, December 18 2008 professional

I’m observing that good management doesn’t seem to bear much resemblance to what gets taught at those highly priced management schools. This is a good thing.

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A Nice Round Number

Sunday, December 21 2008 random

So I’m browsing around on and I see this question:

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Tracking Warnings with TeamCity

Tuesday, December 30 2008 tips

A project I’m involved with is using JetBrains TeamCity as the continuous integration environment.

One of the metrics we wanted to track on this project was the count of warnings produced when compiling. We hoped that, by giving the warning count visibility, we’d be able to gradually reduce the number of warnings over time.

It turned out that adding this into the statistics tab of our TeamCity environment was pretty easy – easier in fact, than counting the warnings.

Step #1: Counting the Warnings

Our build scripts are based on NAnt, but for the actual compilation step we invoke MSBuild on the commandline.

In order to count the number of warnings produced by compilation, we first needed MSBuild to write a log of the build. This required adding a /logger option to the commandline:

<exec program="${msbuild.dir}\MSBuild.exe">
  <arg file="${solution.file}"/>
  <arg value="/t:rebuild"/>
  <arg value="/verbosity:quiet"/>
  <arg value="/logger:FileLogger,Microsoft.Build.Engine;logfile=${log.file}"/>

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