I’m observing that good management doesn’t seem to bear much resemblance to what gets taught at those highly priced management schools. This is a good thing.

Some data points …

… I’m currently working with a manager spends very little time telling me what to do, instead spending a lot of time making sure I have a free run to get things done. This includes purchase of some useful tools so the team can move faster.

… Core to the SCRUM methodology is the idea that the goal of management is to remove the obstacles getting in the way of the development team.

… A recent article in Inc.com by Joel Spolsky talking about his Style of Servant Leadership.

… The must read book Peopleware talks about how many common business practices are, in effect, “penny wise and pound foolish” because sacrifice their workers productivity in order to save a few dollars.

These are lessons that I need to remember – especially if/when I move into a “management” role.


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