I’ve started looking into Oslo, the new model driven architecture from Microsoft. In many ways, Oslo looks promising – finally, a way to move to a higher level of abstraction. If they do this right, they really could achieve their goal of improving developer productivity 10x.

What I’ve seen so far does raise some interesting questions though …

What is the version control story? How do I check my models into a version control system (whether Subversion, Star Team or even Team Foundation Server) for change tracking?

What is the build story? When I want to prepare a formal release of my system, how does that work? Can I integrate the appropriate translations/compilations into my existing build system – say, using CruiseControl.Net or TeamCity – or do I have to perform some manual steps?

What is the dependency on the repository? Do all my running systems become dependent on the repository? Does it therefore become a single point of failure?

What is the change control story? When deploying changes into production, what needs to be changed, and where? How do I easily roll back the changes if go-live fails for some reason?

Lots of questions – will be interesting to lean the answers. I’ll try to remember to blog here as I find them!


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