Recently, I upgrade the version of Drupal that I use for this site – a process that went completely smoothly, to my relief. (Yes, I tried out the upgrade on a test system that mirrored production first, but I always get nervous when tinkering with a production system, even if it’s a tested process).

Tonight, I upgraded Windows Live Writer from the beta version I’ve been using for a few months to the release version now available from

One thing I have noticed with the two upgrades is that Live Writer now seems to recognise Drupal as ablog provider – the previous configuration was a bit cobbled together, so having it just work is a nice improvement.

Unfortunately, after upgrading Drupal, I didn’t retest the recognition of Drupal as a blog provider by Live Writer before upgrading to the release version, so I’m unsure which product’s bug fix resolved my issue.

Update: Turns out my optimism was misplaced – while Windows Live Writer does now detect the blog, posting fails with an error. Sigh. Back to the cobbled configuration.

The last change is something new – I’ve installed the Zemanta plug-in for Live Writer. The promise of Zemanta is to automatically suggest appropriate links and photos for inclusion in the blog post. Quite how well it’s going to work on a blog this technical is a good guess – but it’ll be fun finding out.


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