I’m one of the many who’ve been trying out the Windows 7 Release candidate - yes, I know that it’s available retail now, it’s on the Christmas list.

One thing that’s bugged me is the apparent lack of follow through with Multi-monitor support. You see, if you drag windows around with the mouse, Windows 7 offers some useful auto-dock functionality, but only at the outer edges of the screens.

So, on my left-hand monitor, I can easily dock a window to fill the left-hand half, and on my right-hand monitor, I can easily dock a window to fill the right-hand half, but not in the other two spaces.

Or so I thought.

Turns out that I was wrong - while you can’t achieve it with the mouse, you can auto-dock elsewhere by using the keyboard.

Specifically, Windows-Left and Windows-Right.

I stumbled across this by accident - a wonderful accident. Less time spent on Window management means more time to spend on other things.


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