Improving on POCO Properties

Friday, January 01 2010 tips

Plain Old CLR Objects (POCOs), along with their close cousins POJOs (Plain Old JVM Objects) are often held up as the ideal for use when modelling our problem domains.

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Improving on POCO Collections

Friday, January 08 2010 tips

In my previous blog entry, Improving on POCO Properties, we looked at the benefits we can reap for our domain objects if we represent properties with dedicated helper objects instead of restricting ourselves to the usual C# syntax.

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Range Properties

Thursday, January 14 2010 smart-code

A common need in domain modelling is to specify a range - of dates, of prices, or some other numeric measure. Typically, we model this with a pair of properties, as in this example:

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CI, Builds and NAnt

Friday, January 15 2010 tips

The ISerializable blog post “The difference between continuous Integration tools and automated build tools” has a good breakdown of the difference - one does the build, the other triggers the build.

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Dude, you're working too hard

Wednesday, January 20 2010 smart-code

Sometimes I look at a piece of code and find it hard not to sigh, especially when the developer has done something the hard way.

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Improving on POCO Associations

Thursday, January 21 2010 smart-code

Building on our past discussion (see Improving on POCO Properties and Improving on POCO Collections), let us look at how we can improve the implementation of associations between our domain objects.

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Sometimes, the answer is simple

Monday, January 25 2010 good-samaritan

Saw something interesting at church the other morning, as the speaker was preparing her message.

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A Boys Club?

Thursday, January 28 2010 professional

You don’t have to go very far to see the extent to which women are underrepresented in the IT industry - especially as software developers. Recently, I’ve started to ponder the reasons why - and, to quote Walt Kelly: We have met the enemy, and he is us

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