Wierdness with Fitnesse

Monday, February 01 2010 tips

I ran into something really weird with FitNesse (the acceptance testing framework) today. Chances are, it’s something I’ve done wrong - but I can’t work out what. If you know, please comment below!– Updated below with the solution.

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Adding AzMan Operations

Wednesday, February 03 2010 tips

If you ever find yourself using AzMan and can’t work out how to add a new operation (as I did today), here’s the key (and hard to Google) step.

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Improving on POCO: The ORM Problem

Thursday, February 04 2010 tips

One area where improving on POCO has potential to impact greatly is that of database persistence - the domain of the object relation mapper, or ORM.

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A Discovery in Linq: Lookup

Thursday, February 11 2010 csharp

I’ve been using Linq to Objects for quite some time - so it was quite a surprise to me when I discovered something new recently - the LookUp class.

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A Great Upgrade Experience

Saturday, February 13 2010 ux

It’s helpful when applications let me know that new versions have been released, especially when it’s a browser letting me know about a security update.

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An Obscure FxCop feature

Tuesday, February 16 2010 immutable-types

This has to qualify as an obscure FxCop feature:

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Validation shouldn't be a Blunt Instrument

Thursday, February 18 2010 tips

As developers, we know that data validation is important - the security of our systems and the integrity of our data is vitally dependent upon it. Unfortunately, security and integrity seems to be the limit to which most systems apply

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Evil ToString()

Tuesday, February 23 2010 smart-code

Courtesy of a tweet from Scott Hanselman, here’s a nifty ToString() extension method that allows you to name properties and fields directly.

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Process Improvement

Thursday, February 25 2010 professional

It’s interesting to see how different people react to the idea of process improvement. Most people fall into one of two camps - I’ll term these the Conservatives and the Radicals.

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