NAntGraph v2.1 Released

Thursday, April 08 2010 nantgraph

A new release of NAntGraph2 is available, with the following changes:

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Things to install on a new machine

Saturday, April 10 2010 tips

Roy Osherove has posted a list of things he installs on any new developer machine, including links so you can find out more.

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Using TypeConverters with WPF

Monday, April 12 2010 wpf

I’m working on a little project at the moment which is dynamically building a WPF user interface based on a configuration file loaded when the application starts. This involves code to manually create all of the bits and pieces that are normally specified directly in a Xaml file.

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Spoken Numbers

Thursday, April 15 2010 smart-code

Here’s a little utility function that adds an appropriate suffix after numbers to show them as they might be said:

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On Naming and Convention ...

Sunday, April 18 2010 tips

Richard Dingwall has a good blog post talking about one specific case where a naming convention goes bad and starts hindering, instead of helping, development.

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