What makes a Developer?

Saturday, May 01 2010 professional

Thanks to Twitter, I’ve just found the interesting blog over at agilefaqs. One of Naresh’s posts, “Who is a Developer?” struck a chord with me.

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Asserting Convention

Monday, May 10 2010 testing

I’m using PostSharp on a project, with a custom aspect that provides standard handling for authentication and authorisation.

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Logitech: UX Fail

Thursday, May 13 2010 ux

Here’s an example of simple user experience design gone wrong, courtesy of the product registration wizard from Logitech.

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Gadget Envy

Saturday, May 15 2010 random

So, here I am, suffering gadget envy. Half the team at work has iPhones - the things seem to be like some kind of disease. Every time I turn around someone else has one. What with the iPad, the rumoured new HP slate, netbooks of all kinds (including netbooks based on Windows CE) and the allure of Windows Phone 7 Series, I’m overwhelmed with an excess of choices.

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Wednesday, May 19 2010 professional

Listening to Udi Dahan on Deep Fried Bytes Episode 49, I heard Udi say something very simple, but very important.

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Attack of the Lazy Coder

Thursday, May 20 2010 csharp

I’m having such a great time dealing with lazy code. Check out these gems I’ve found just today …

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Specialist Classes

Saturday, May 22 2010 csharp

Sometimes, you can simplify a complex class by extracting out a specialist helper class to provide dedicated assistance. And, sometimes, old lessons turn out to be the most relevant.

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WCF and IList

Friday, May 28 2010 csharp

Here’s an interesting problem I encountered recently with a WCF based web service and the humble IList<T> interface.

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Vending Machine UX Fail

Sunday, May 30 2010 ux

Here’s a vending machine that receives far too many of the coins out of my pocket.

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