Extension methods for XElement

Tuesday, June 08 2010 smart-code

I’ve found myself writing code like this quite a bit lately:

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NAntGraph v2.2 Released

Wednesday, June 16 2010 nantgraph

A minor update to NAntGraph, allowing you to specify a different font and font size to use when rendering the graph.

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Avoiding Stack Overflow with Params

Thursday, June 24 2010 smart-code

Here’s a pattern that I’ve seen occur a number of times - a pair of method overloads, one accepting IEnumerable<T> and the other accepting params T[].

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Doing less with LINQ

Wednesday, June 30 2010 csharp

While reading a recent article in MSDN magazine, I came across some code that gives me a great opportunity to show how to get more done with less effort by using LINQ.

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GraphVis Configuration for NAntGraph

Wednesday, June 30 2010 nantgraph

NAntGraph leverages GraphViz to do the actual image rendering.

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