Lets Play

Monday, January 03 2011 testing

If you’re still working on getting your head around TDD, you could do a lot worse than following James Shore’s series Let’s Play, a growing series of web casts that show TDD in a real life project.

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WCF, Callbacks and IIS

Thursday, January 13 2011 tips

Creating an IIS hosted web service that uses callbacks and publishes metadata.

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Fixing Performance Problems

Friday, January 21 2011 tips

Like many developers, I’ve spent my share of time working with a Profiler, working to make a system faster.

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DataBinding Lag in WPF

Sunday, January 23 2011 wpf

WPF Binding is extremely powerful and useful - but it does have a few traps for the unwary. Propagation lag is one of them.

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Strategies for becoming a better programmer

Wednesday, January 26 2011 professional

The start of a new year is a good time to review the year that’s been, and to make plans for the year ahead. Over on his DevelopWithPasson.Com blog, Jean-Paul Boodhoo has a great post Strategies for becoming a better programmer:

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Validation can be the enemy

Thursday, January 27 2011 ux

I recently stumbled upon a great entry from 2007 on Phil Haack’s blog: Don’t be a Validation Nazi, where he writes about the perils of being overly strict on validation. This is an area close to my heart, as I’ve seen so many systems end up user hostile due to overly strict validation. This can be particularly frustrating when it’s forced on the system by a misguided analyst.

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