On Comments and Spam

Friday, April 01 2011 admin

I’ve never understood vandals.

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Lambda expressions and Block syntax

Friday, April 15 2011 csharp

While catching up with a friend for (a very geeky) lunch the other day, a few ideas crystalised into another idea for the next version of C#.

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Sharpening the Saw

Monday, April 18 2011 professional

Commuting by train and listening to Doc Norton talk about Sharpening the Saw on Dot Net Rocks episode 632 was really interesting the other day.

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Reducing Software Defects

Friday, April 22 2011 testing

I saw a couple of disturbing statistics about software testing in the keynote at the recent New Zealand Application Lifecycle Management conference.

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Pay it forward

Monday, April 25 2011 professional

We developers are privileged to stand on the shoulders of giants. If I tried to list the names of all influential people who contributed to the current state of the art of computer science and software development, this would be one very long blog post.

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Dependency Load Failures

Friday, April 29 2011 tools

Ever encountered this error?

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