Performance Monitoring for Visual Studio

Saturday, May 07 2011 visual-studio

The smart guys over at Developer Division have been working on making Visual Studio perform better. A key need they have in achieving this is for real data - actual metrics on where Visual Studio is running slow for real users.

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Reconsidering the Repository Pattern

Monday, May 09 2011 architecture

I have long considered the repository pattern to be a foundational design pattern for database connected systems. Recently, however, I’ve started to reconsider this opinion. Read on to find out why.

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Invalid Build Configuration: Debug|BNB

Saturday, May 14 2011 dotnet

While upgrading the NAntGraph solution to .Net 4, my build script started failing with an inexplicable error:

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Regions in C#

Monday, May 16 2011 csharp

Regions in C# are one of those things that seem to have never quite delivered on their initial promise of giving us an another way to structure our code in addition to the constructs provided by the language.

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Prototyping a new tool

Friday, May 27 2011 vsgraph

After having some problems at work dealing with inconsistencies between different projects in a visual studio solution, I thought there must be a better way to check that each project is consistent and configured in the way I require.

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