Bindable Run for FlowDocuments

Monday, September 05 2011 wpf

Looking for a way to databind to a paragraph of text in WPF, I first learnt about FlowDocuments, then about Run and how it doesn’t support databinding. Further consultation with Professor Google led me to Scott Hanselman’s The Weekly Source Code 40 where I found links telling me how to make binding work.

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Fighting Spam with Mollom

Monday, September 05 2011 admin

I have to figure that the spam arriving on this site comes either from a clever automated process or from people who are too dumb to realise their efforts are useless.

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Lessons learnt at TechEd

Tuesday, September 06 2011 random

After my recent presentation at the recent Tech Ed conference in Auckland, I’ve spent a little time reflecting on the feedback received and identifying some lessons learnt. I thought that blogging these might prove useful for others as they work towards their conference debut.

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Fixing a Xaml parse exception

Thursday, September 08 2011 wpf

Working on a side project, I started getting a very odd persistent error. Placing a user control onto a window using the Visual Studio designer gave an error dialog “Provide value on ‘System.Windows.Markup.StaticResourceHolder’ threw an exception.” Hand coding the Xaml for the user control gave the same error:

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Warning MSB3247: Found conflicts between different versions of the same dependent assembly

Tuesday, September 13 2011 visual-studio

Here’s a Visual Studio tip that falls into the category of “obvious once you know it” …

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Configuration of Log4Net through code

Wednesday, September 14 2011 tips

While writing a windows service, I created a console version for debugging use. I wanted this console to display all the logging, in real time, so I could see things were working. A bit of a search revealed that ColoredConsoleAppender was the desired class, so I added code to set things up.

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Windows Phone 7 vs Z88

Tuesday, September 27 2011 random

I’ve just acquired a new phone - an LG C900k Windows Phone 7 device. It’s awesome and I’m having a lot of fun with it. It’s not the only mobile computing device I have, just the newest, so I thought a comparative review was in order between it and the oldest mobile computing device I have, my Cambridge Z88.

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