NUnit to the Rescue

Thursday, December 01 2011 smart-code

I’ve been spending much of my time working on a multi-tier system that makes use of special purpose data transfer objects for communication between the service tier and various clients.

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CallerInfo in C# 5

Thursday, December 08 2011 csharp

Checking out Jouni Heikniemi’s excellent map of What’s new in .NET 4.5 I spotted this comment:

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A story about Magic

Saturday, December 10 2011 random

Quite by chance, today I stumbled across a story that was old back in my university days, a story about a PDP-10, a hacker, and a magic switch.

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Someone needs an intervention

Friday, December 16 2011 csharp

While investigating a routine bug fix today, I came across some code that can only be described as a buried cry for help …

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Looking forward to 2012

Saturday, December 31 2011 professional

It’s pretty traditional in some quarters to do a retrospective end of year post, recapping the highlights of a blog or community.

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