Notifying Windows Explorer about files in use

Monday, April 01 2013 tips

Ever tried to delete a file that is in use and wished that Windows Explorer would tell you which application has the file open?

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Update for Markdown.Xaml

Monday, April 01 2013 markdown-xaml

I’ve updated my Markdown.Xaml project with some new capabilities.

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Fixing Share to Mail App

Saturday, April 13 2013 good-samaritan

After a recent update to the Windows 8 Mail app, I found that I could no longer “share to” it from other apps.

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The case of the InfiniteGridSizeException

Sunday, April 14 2013 wpf

When working with the DevExpress WPF GridControl, you can get an InfiniteGridSizeException thrown if the grid is in a container with potentially infinite height.

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