Semantic Types Redux

Sunday, June 05 2016 csharp

Many thanks to the observant readers who pointed out that I missed a few things in last week’s post on C# semantic types. To round out our semantic type, we need to add a few additional features.

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Throw Rich Exceptions

Saturday, June 11 2016 code-gardening

Throw Rich Exceptions that are thoroughly informative to allow easy fault diagnosis. System failures are inevitable. When something does go wrong, your code has one final responsibility - to leave enough diagnostic information to allow someone to work out what happened.

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Sharpen The Saw #5

Sunday, June 19 2016 sharpen-the-saw

In this edition: A guide to better code reviews; interactive coding with C#; what’s new with .NET 4.6; the psychology of checklists; what Google is doing to make Gmail more secure; and Jon Skeet talks about developer’s battle scars.

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Why Code Garden?

Saturday, June 25 2016 code-gardening

Somebody asked me the other day why I thought code gardening was so important - why had I invested my time in this series of blog posts and in a live coding presentation that I’ve given multiple times. That question turned into an interesting conversation and I thought I’d share one of those ideas with you.

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