Method Archetypes

Tuesday, November 15 2016 code-gardening

Follow method archetypes to constrain your method design to avoid surprises and simplify your design. This is another in my series of posts on Code Gardening - the practice of making small improvements as you see them while you are working.

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Saturday, November 19 2016 immutable-types csharp

One of the stumbling blocks that gets in the way of people adopting immutable types is a belief that only trivial data structures can be created immutable; that mutability is a prerequisite for doing any real work. It turns out that this isn’t true - in this series of posts, I’ll explore “doing real work” with immutable data structures.

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Stack Diagrams

Saturday, November 26 2016 immutable-types

One reader suggested that the immutable stacks from my previous post would be easier to understand with some accompanying diagrams to illustrate what is going on. Considering the future posts I have in mind for this series, starting with some clear diagrams is a good idea.

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