Sharpen The Saw #13

Monday, October 02 2017 sharpen-the-saw

In this edition: Becoming a conference speaker; Smart installation of Visual Studio 2015; The importance of advocacy and inquiry; Why DevOps doesn’t mean you have to be insecure; and all about async programming in C#.

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Test Coverage Reporting with Psake

Saturday, October 07 2017 powershell

Building on our previous post, we can take the coverage information generated by OpenCover and generate a report that shows us where our coverage is lacking.

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Sharpen The Saw #14

Monday, October 09 2017 sharpen-the-saw

In this episode: F# 3.0 syntax; a campaign against if statements; Visual Studio 2015 update 3; laws of software craftsmanship; vulnerability on Lenovo laptops; busting a counterfeit ring; and misuse of the word ‘agile’.

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Pass implementations, not representations

Saturday, October 14 2017 smart-code

A friend/colleague of mine, George, made an interesting assertion - that he prefers passing implementations, not representations. As we talked and unpacked what he meant by this, I discovered a deceptively simple idea that can make our code significantly more flexible and adaptable.

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Sharpen The Saw #15

Monday, October 16 2017 sharpen-the-saw

In this episode: Five different ways to write code that’s hard to test; dependency injection with Simple Injector; learning the benefits of regular deployment at RedGate; Symantec antivirus was insecure; the futility of trying to remember every detail; and, programming with good unit tests.

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