Sharpen The Saw #32

Monday, April 02 2018 sharpen-the-saw

In this issue from September 2017: Writing great constructors; new features in C# 7.0; Dealing with a manipulative co-worker; a nasty Bluetooth attack; Holographic Lemmings; and Understanding Test Driven Development.

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Implementing Value Equality

Saturday, April 07 2018 equality dotnet

Building on our implementation of entity equality, we are now in a position to implement value equality. This is more complex because it tends to have a greater number of factors to consider.

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Types behaving badly

Saturday, April 14 2018 equality dotnet

At the opening of this series I wrote about how a correct implementation of equality is essential for the correct behaviour of many fundamental .NET types - including List, HashSet and Dictionary. Here’s an example to show how they can break.

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Sharpen The Saw #33

Monday, April 16 2018 sharpen-the-saw

In this issue from September 2017: Writing useful git commit messages; a NuGet feature for Visual Studio 2017; things to do before you commit; how to spot a phishing attack; weird commits in the Linux kernel; and a video on government mandated cryptographic insecurity.

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How long is a simple fix?

Saturday, April 21 2018 professional

Imagine that you have a recurring problem in your production environment, one that occurs around once a week. The problem is fairly minor and affects only one user at a time. You can fix the underlying data issue pretty quickly with some custom scripts you wrote. What’s your threshold for fixing the problem permanently, instead of manually fixing it each time it happens?

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Sharpen The Saw #34

Monday, April 23 2018 sharpen-the-saw

In this issue from October 2017: Stronger encapsulation with entity printers; live unit testing in Visual Studio 2017; Code that lies; The dangers of skipping a EULA; The secret weapon for a great career; and why you shouldn’t use Git.

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A simple fix takes longer than you think

Saturday, April 28 2018 professional

I hope you’ve been considering the puzzle from my last post about how much effort it you should put into fixing a simple problem.

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Sharpen The Saw #35

Monday, April 30 2018 sharpen-the-saw

In this issue from October 2017: Great code produces beautiful errors; expression bodied members get more powerful in C# 7; why some like to measure lines of code even though it’s a poor metric; password guidance for the modern era; thinking about where your time goes on social media; and Larry Wall opines on programming languages you should know.

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