WordTutor Revisted

Saturday, March 02 2019 wordtutor-redux csharp

Let’s try an experiment - taking many of the things I’ve been blogging about over the past few years and applying them to the design and build of an actual application, with the source code published step by step.

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Vocabulary Word

Saturday, March 09 2019 wordtutor-redux csharp

To begin our little project, we need to create our initial project structure. Once that’s in place, we can create the first class from our application model - VocabularyWord.

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Vocabulary Set

Saturday, March 16 2019 wordtutor-redux csharp

After creating VocabularyWord last time, our next step is to create VocabularySet, a container for many words.

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Application Model

Saturday, March 23 2019 wordtutor-redux csharp

Now that we have both VocabularyWord and ‘VocabularySet`, we can turn our attention to defining application model itself, allowing us to capture the overall state of the entire application.

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Commandline Builds

Saturday, March 30 2019 wordtutor-redux csharp

Before we get much further in this project, we should set up command line builds while things are still simple. It’s easier to enhance the builds step by step as required than to configure a complex build system in one go.

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