Sharpen The Saw - June 2021

Saturday, June 05 2021 sharpen-the-saw

In today’s post: Avoiding shotgun surgery; why too many parameters is a bad thing; upgrading to .NET 5; Creating a DSL using a Source Generator; Common sense practices to avoid; Why people write bad code; Rethinking passwords; The curious case of the Great Suspender; The importance of checking in with people; and how reviewing a Strangers’ Code can make you smarter.

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Distraction Driven Development (DDD)

Saturday, June 12 2021 other-methodologies

Imagine this: You’re working a critical new feature, one your team anticipates will not only be really popular with your existing users, but which will organically drive growth by attracting a large number of new users. While you’ve been working on this over the last couple of weeks, you’ve noticed a couple dozen minor issues that you fixed as you encountered them. Now your development work is complete, you’ve created a pull request to merge the completed feature into your main branch, ready for release – but almost all of the code changes relate to minor fixes, not the feature itself.

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Rockstar Driven Development (RDD)

Saturday, June 26 2021 other-methodologies

Imagine this: You come into work on Tuesday morning after a four-day holiday weekend to find a cryptic email from one of your best developers describing some changes they just checked into your main branch. In the approximately 112 hours since you thought everyone went home on Thursday afternoon, they’ve been on a kind of technological bender, ripping out the workflow engine your team has painstakingly built and debugged over the last five years and replacing it with an open-source library that loads its configuration out of MongoDB.

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