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Restored Posts

Sunday, February 19 2017 admin

I’ve restored a few very old blog posts from 2004-2005, copied from an older version of my blog:

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Slides for FSIS, The Authorised Biography

Saturday, October 18 2014 admin

I’ve just published the slides and speakers notes for the presentation FSIS, The Authorised Biography as delivered to the ITx conference earlier this month.

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Becoming a Better Developer

Thursday, September 18 2014 admin

Thanks to everyone who came along and listened to my Becoming a Better Developer presentation, both at the Auckland Code Camp last weekend and earlier at the Wellington .NET user group.

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On Comments and Spam

Friday, April 01 2011 admin

I’ve never understood vandals.

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Niche Software - Relaunched

Monday, March 31 2008 admin

Welcome to the relaunch of Niche Software.

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A New Home

Thursday, July 14 2005 admin

Well, it’s been over eight years since the Niche Software website first appeared at and the time has come for a new home. Introducing

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