The architecture and design of our software is important - these posts share that focus.

The best ORM that you've never used

Saturday, August 18 2012 architecture

Reading the Los Techies article “Don’t write your own ORM” by Jimmy Bogard I was reminded of the best ORM I ever worked with, an ORM that is now, most likely, lost to the mists of time.

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Easier property validation with dynamic in C# 4

Saturday, August 27 2011 architecture

High quality input validation is essential to many, if not all systems that we write. It doesn’t matter whether we’re validating user input in a WPF or Silverlight application, checking data transfer objects passed into a service layer or verifying the information in a JSON packet submitted by REST, validation is essential.

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Reconsidering the Repository Pattern

Monday, May 09 2011 architecture

I have long considered the repository pattern to be a foundational design pattern for database connected systems. Recently, however, I’ve started to reconsider this opinion. Read on to find out why.

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