It's one of the paradoxes of blogging that most every blogger (including myself) is sharing what they know right now (let's quietly ignore those who blog purely for traffic and visibility). Since everyone is learning, this can result in poor or misleading information being shared just as much as good information. Keep this in mind as you read any blog - how experienced is the writer and how well do they really know what they're talking about.

I'm just as flawed as other bloggers, so you should feel encouraged to check my ideas for yourself. Keep the date in mind as well - in our fast moving field, even good ideas can become obsolete.

Restructuring Reducers

Saturday, July 13 2019 wordtutor-redux csharp

When I got to this point of the series, I expected to be writing about some interaction testing - checking that our messages triggered the right transitions between screens.

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Sharpen The Saw - July 2019

Saturday, July 06 2019 sharpen-the-saw

In today’s post: C# 7.3 introduces new generic constraints; Visual Studio 2019 v16.1 has been released; The true cost of multitasking isn’t what you think; An oral history of the hamburger icon; and, sometimes Select() really is broken.

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Vocabulary Browser

Saturday, June 29 2019 wordtutor-redux csharp

For our second screen, we’ll create a browser to show all of the words in a single vocabulary list. Let’s start with a small bit of design, so we know what we’re aiming to build.

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Old blog posts, restored

Saturday, June 22 2019 admin

Digging through some old backups, I found some previously lost blog posts. These are posts that I “left behind” at some point when I migrated blogging platform, most likely when I abandoned my homebrew XML based system and adopted Drupal. Here’s the first batch of restorations.

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Revisiting ViewModelBase

Saturday, June 15 2019 wordtutor-redux csharp

When I went to write the code for our next view model (VocabularyBrowserViewModel), I ran into some problems with our original ViewModelBase. Let’s visit those problems and look at how they can be resolved.

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