In defense of XML

Tuesday, April 25 2017 xml

There seems to be a lot of hatred for XML. It’s not hard to find blog posts and articles where the author rants about the deficiencies and inefficiencies of XML and promotes the beauty of JSON, YAML, or something else. Is this level of vitriol really deserved?

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Static Analysis tools for the Win

Saturday, April 15 2017 smart-code

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of static analysis tools, believing that they can provide a very useful second opinion on my code, helping me to deliver high-quality code that does what it is needed.

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What's the value of a failing unit test?

Saturday, April 08 2017 testing

As discussed last time, the value of a unit test comes when it fails, signaling that some necessary characteristic of the system is no longer present.

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What's the value of a passing unit test?

Sunday, April 02 2017 testing

A unit test that always passes has a certain value - but one that fails can be priceless. Think about the reasons why you might write unit tests for your code.

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You keep using that word: Mandatory

Sunday, March 19 2017 vocabulary

In the classic movie The Princess Bride, one of the villains is repeatedly and consistently surprised by the skill and competence of the story’s hero. Vizzini’s constant cry each time of “inconceivable” drives Inigo Montoya to say “You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means.”

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