Shrinking and Equality Testing with FsCheck

Saturday, June 24 2017 testing

In last week’s Property Testing with FsCheck, we saw how to write a couple of simple tests to check that an implementation of .Equals() was correct. We didn’t see what happens when the test fails, nor what we can do to make that failure easier to understand.

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Property Testing with FsCheck

Sunday, June 18 2017 testing

I’ve been writing some property tests with FsCheck and to say that the process has been bittersweet is a bit of an understatement. The good news is that writing property tests has successfully uncovered bugs. The bad news is that writing property tests has successfully uncovered bugs.

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High CPU Usage by Windows Update on Windows RT

Sunday, June 04 2017 good-samaritan

I have a Surface RT tablet that sees regular use as a consumption device - despite complaints about the so-called app-gap, I’ve been able to find all the applications I’ve needed. Recently, however, I found the device had become sluggish for the first ten minutes or so after signing in - something was consuming much of the available CPU (it’s a quad core device) and drive bandwidth.

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Finding source code in .NET Core

Wednesday, May 10 2017 good-samaritan

I’ve got some integration tests that need to know where their source code lives as they require loading sample files when they run. Hard coding the path into the tests is possible - and I did that for a time - but it’s also fragile and has odd error modes.

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In defense of XML

Tuesday, April 25 2017 xml

There seems to be a lot of hatred for XML. It’s not hard to find blog posts and articles where the author rants about the deficiencies and inefficiencies of XML and promotes the beauty of JSON, YAML, or something else. Is this level of vitriol really deserved?

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