It's one of the paradoxes of blogging that most every blogger (including myself) is sharing what they know right now (let's quietly ignore those who blog purely for traffic and vanity). Since everyone is learning, this can result in poor or misleading information being shared just as much as good information. Keep this in mind as you read any blog - including this one. How experienced is the writer? How well do they really know what they're talking about? Do they blog about their mistakes as well as their successes?

I'm just as flawed as other bloggers, so you should feel encouraged to check my ideas for yourself. Keep the date in mind as well - in our fast moving field, even good ideas can become obsolete.

Redux Middleware Implementation

Saturday, March 28 2020 wordtutor-redux csharp

Based on the interfaces we defined last time, let’s integrate middleware functionality into our existing Redux store. This will lay the foundation we need for asynchronous speech generation.

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The Liskov substitution principle goes both ways

Saturday, March 21 2020 smart-code

The Liskov Substitution Principle (or LSP) is one of the big five SOLID principles and one that is often poorly understood. Yet, ignorance of the LSP can lead to subtle, expensive, and sometimes embarrassing bugs.

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Redux Middleware

Saturday, March 14 2020 wordtutor-redux csharp

At this point in the development of the WordTutor, we need to properly incorporate speech generation into the application. We could hack and glue it into place on top of the existing architecture, or we can integrate it into the existing structure in a clean way.

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Sharpen The Saw - March 2020

Saturday, March 07 2020 sharpen-the-saw

In today’s post: Why Code Katas are important and how do do them well; the new Microsoft Edge is available now and coming to a PC near you; Yori is CMD reimagined; improving email one message at a time; why some people are chronically tardy; Intel patches CSME only for researches to find it’s still broken; the consequences of undocumented features; improving your CLI Prompt; and a talk on Unit Testing.

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Always review code you copy

Saturday, February 29 2020 csharp

Recently a friend of mine noticed some code in a book that was, shall we say, considerably sub-optimal. It’s worth looking at the code to see how both the performance and readability of the code can be easily improved.

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