It's one of the paradoxes of blogging that most every blogger (including myself) is sharing what they know right now (let's quietly ignore those who blog purely for traffic and vanity). Since everyone is learning, this can result in poor or misleading information being shared just as much as good information. Keep this in mind as you read any blog - including this one. How experienced is the writer? How well do they really know what they're talking about? Do they blog about their mistakes as well as their successes?

I'm just as flawed as other bloggers, so you should feel encouraged to check my ideas for yourself. Keep the date in mind as well - in our fast moving field, even good ideas can become obsolete.

Impossible Numbers

Saturday, January 18 2020 professional

There’s a very clever piece of design advice that I was taught at university that seems to be less well known than I expected.

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Logging Demonstrated

Saturday, January 11 2020 wordtutor-redux csharp

After earlier defining our logging interface, some readers posed a few questions about how it would work from a consumers perspective. So before we look at implementation details, let’s look at how we’ll instrument our code and what the output might look like.

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Sharpen The Saw - January 2020

Saturday, January 04 2020 sharpen-the-saw

In today’s post: The story of the Visual Studio Code team turning on strict null checking; Eric Lippert talks about why null is not false; Analyzers for Fluent Assertion users; the PowerToys for Windows are back; Make sure you have five reasons to do anything; Remember IDEAL CHALK when writing code; how to choose a good password generator; retailers need to take responsibility for data breaches; more on programming fonts; fixing your inconsistent sleep schedule; and unit testing at Google.

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Saturday, December 28 2019 wordtutor-redux csharp

As we progress building the WordTutor application, some of the functionality will be a great deal more complex - and that requires a better way to see what’s happening inside the application than we’ve had to date. It’s time to implement some logging.

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Empathy for future developers

Saturday, December 21 2019 professional

Chatting with some fellow developers over the Christmas period, the subject of the so-called “soft skills” came up and one of them made a very interesting observation - that those skills lead to better code as well as better collaboration.

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