It's one of the paradoxes of blogging that most every blogger (including myself) is sharing what they know right now (let's quietly ignore those who blog purely for traffic and visibility). Since everyone is learning, this can result in poor or misleading information being shared just as much as good information. Keep this in mind as you read any blog - how experienced is the writer and how well do they really know what they're talking about.

I'm just as flawed as other bloggers, so you should feel encouraged to check my ideas for yourself. Keep the date in mind as well - in our fast moving field, even good ideas can become obsolete.

A Tale of Minification

Saturday, February 17 2018 powershell

After noticing an oddity while publishing an update to this site, I ended up investigating minification as a way to ensure the results were more consistent.

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Sharpen The Saw #29

Monday, February 12 2018 sharpen-the-saw

In this issue from August 2017: how to test in production; announcing .Net 4.7; what does it mean to be done; the importance of keeping Windows Update turned on; a review of the original iPhone, ten years later; and, C# 7 with Mads Torgersen.

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A Productivity Prompt for PowerShell

Saturday, February 10 2018 powershell

Customizing your PowerShell prompt is an easy way to level-up your productivity in PowerShell. Here’s an update to my 2013 post that shows how my current prompt is constructed.

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Sharpen The Saw #28

Monday, February 05 2018 sharpen-the-saw

In this issue from May 2017: The problem of conforming containers; upgrading existing .csproj files to the new style; three key principles for software development; the new NIST rules for passwords; scaling GIT at Microsoft; and Scott Hanselman speaks at SSW.

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Prefer declarative method names

Saturday, February 03 2018 smart-code

Coming up with the right name for a method can be a challenge even if you’re sure you know exactly what it should do. All too often, I find that part of the reason why I’m having trouble choosing a name is that I haven’t really decided the purpose of the method.

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