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Types behaving badly

Saturday, April 14 2018 equality dotnet

At the opening of this series I wrote about how a correct implementation of equality is essential for the correct behaviour of many fundamental .NET types - including List, HashSet and Dictionary. Here’s an example to show how they can break.

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Implementing Value Equality

Saturday, April 07 2018 equality dotnet

Building on our implementation of entity equality, we are now in a position to implement value equality. This is more complex because it tends to have a greater number of factors to consider.

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Implementing Entity Equality

Saturday, March 31 2018 equality dotnet

Now that we’ve talked about the importance of implementing equality, the different kinds of equality, and about the contracts required of our implementations, we can get down to actually writing some code.

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Equality and GetHashCode

Saturday, March 24 2018 equality dotnet

After symmetry, another aspect of the equality contract is .GetHashCode(). When you first override .Equals(object), the C# compiler will helpfully remind you that you must also override .GetHashCode().

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Types of Equality

Saturday, March 10 2018 equality dotnet

Having established the importance of equality in .NET, we can look at the different kinds of equality that you might encounter. There are three - Reference, Value and Entity equality.

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