Sometimes a quick consultation with Professor Google or Doctor Bing just doesn’t bring you any satisfaction - and you end up having to work.

Richard Dingwall suggests that when this happens, you should consider blogging about the issue, sharing your experience so that others can benefit. (In many ways, this is a capsule description of all human progress!)

Blog about your problem - and its solution if

  • It took you more than 2 hours to solve;
  • and you didn’t find the answer in Google
  • or you did find the answer by searching but it took you an hour to find it.

This is the Good Samaritan Principle - and here are some of my (often offtopic) posts.

Assembly binding redirects for the fail

Saturday, December 02 2017 good-samaritan

Adding a new feature to a personal project, I ran into an odd case where the unit tests weren’t running correctly. It took me hours to find the source of the problem, so I figured I’d share the result.

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High CPU Usage by Windows Update on Windows RT

Sunday, June 04 2017 good-samaritan

I have a Surface RT tablet that sees regular use as a consumption device - despite complaints about the so-called app-gap, I’ve been able to find all the applications I’ve needed. Recently, however, I found the device had become sluggish for the first ten minutes or so after signing in - something was consuming much of the available CPU (it’s a quad core device) and drive bandwidth.

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Finding source code in .NET Core

Wednesday, May 10 2017 good-samaritan

I’ve got some integration tests that need to know where their source code lives as they require loading sample files when they run. Hard coding the path into the tests is possible - and I did that for a time - but it’s also fragile and has odd error modes.

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FTP, Unicode and the inconvenient bug

Saturday, June 28 2014 good-samaritan

An interesting thing happened when I “pulled the trigger” and went live with the new version of the Niche Software web site - a good friend of mine noted that the navigation menu wasn’t working when he browsed the site using his Lumia 520 - when the responsive design collapsed into a “hamburger menu”, it was unresponsive.

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Endless loop accepting new Xbox Live Terms

Monday, December 30 2013 good-samaritan

Here’s an interesting recipe for some pain - blogged under the good Samaritan principle.

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