A presentation I delivered at Microsoft TechEd New Zealand 2012, Single line solutions in .NET has a focus on the little features of .NET, improvements added in each version of the framework to make our lives as developers easier.

Attached is a PDF of the slides from my talk, including all my speakers notes.

The official abstract for this presentation read:

As the .NET framework has evolved, improvements have enabled new and more powerful ways to get our jobs done with less effort. But how do we find out about these new techniques? It’s very easy to keep doing things the same old way through inertia, wasting our own time and generating the same old bugs. Come along and see how some common code patterns can be changed and improved, allowing you to get more done, more quickly. Examples will be in C# but the focus on improvements in the framework mean content will be relevant to Visual Basic developers as well. Of course, how you use the saved time is your choice - you might get more done… or you might get to go home sooner.


Audience Date Note
Microsoft TechEd 2012 September 2012
Wellington .NET User Group May 2012 (An earlier version)