Software that’s never deployed might have been fun to write, but it doesn’t have a lot of long term value. Useful code is going to spend far longer running in production that it ever did in development within Visual Studio.

In this presentation, I focus on the long term care and feeding of our systems once development is complete, covering five guidelines:

Documentation - It’s not an optional part of a project. Start early, update it frequently and keep it up to date.

Rehearse - Never do something for the first time in production. Practice every process, simplify wherever possible, apply automation wherever appropriate.

Security - consider your approach to security early. Authentication, Authorisation and Disclosure all need to be discussed.

Diagnostics - As developers, we can pry off the lid and see what’s going on. Systems administrators can’t do this - we need to provide them with information.

Simplicity - Avoid introducing any complexity that isn’t necessary. Retain only essential complexity.


Audience Date
Wellington .NET User Group August 2009