A presentation I delivered at Microsoft TechEd New Zealand 2012, Turbocharge your productivity with Visual Studio has a focus on “getting things done” with Visual Studio.

Attached is a PDF of the slides from my talk, including all my speakers notes.

The official abstract for this presentation read:

How much of the power of Visual Studio do you exercise on a regular basis? Visual Studio is much more than a turbo-charged copy of Notepad, much more than a mere syntax highlighting text editor. In this session, we’ll explore three different ways to turbo-charge your every day life as a developer: We’ll start by exploring more effective ways to write and edit code, then we’ll find out how to gain more insight while testing and debugging and, finally, we’ll check out some of the best extensions available in the Visual Studio extension gallery. Repeat after me: Visual Studio is not Notepad. Say it again. Now say it like you believe it.


Audience Date
Microsoft TechEd New Zealand September 2012