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Contract for Online Access

Friday, January 10 2014 random

When it comes to online access for my kids (currently aged 13 and 11), the challenge is to find an appropriate balance between safety and access.

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A story about Magic

Saturday, December 10 2011 random

Quite by chance, today I stumbled across a story that was old back in my university days, a story about a PDP-10, a hacker, and a magic switch.

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Windows Phone 7 vs Z88

Tuesday, September 27 2011 random

I’ve just acquired a new phone - an LG C900k Windows Phone 7 device. It’s awesome and I’m having a lot of fun with it. It’s not the only mobile computing device I have, just the newest, so I thought a comparative review was in order between it and the oldest mobile computing device I have, my Cambridge Z88.

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Lessons learnt at TechEd

Tuesday, September 06 2011 random

After my recent presentation at the recent Tech Ed conference in Auckland, I’ve spent a little time reflecting on the feedback received and identifying some lessons learnt. I thought that blogging these might prove useful for others as they work towards their conference debut.

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StackOverflow and Clay Shirky

Friday, December 03 2010 random

Clay Shirky’s TED Talk How cognitive surplus will change the world, published on ted.com in June 2010 talks about a trillion hours of available thinking time that is now available every year, and how this cognitive surplus might change the world.

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Thanks to the Palmy .NET User Group

Tuesday, November 16 2010 random

Many thanks to Colin and the Palmerston North .NET User Group for hosting my presentation last night. Based on the conversations after my talk, it seems you enjoyed my presentation and that most of you had something useful to take away.

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Gadget Envy

Saturday, May 15 2010 random

So, here I am, suffering gadget envy. Half the team at work has iPhones - the things seem to be like some kind of disease. Every time I turn around someone else has one. What with the iPad, the rumoured new HP slate, netbooks of all kinds (including netbooks based on Windows CE) and the allure of Windows Phone 7 Series, I’m overwhelmed with an excess of choices.

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A Regular Expression Bug

Monday, December 14 2009 random

Several years ago, I specialized in Delphi software development.

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Google's new Language

Friday, November 13 2009 random

So, Google’s got a new language - “Go” which seems pretty cool.

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