General posts about technology that don’t fit elsewhere.

Gource for Software Visualization

Friday, August 13 2010 technology

At this weeks .NET user group, a friend mentioned Gource, a tool that generates a dynamic visualization that shows how a project evolves over time, based on the commits made to source control.

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Upgrades that (mostly) Work

Saturday, February 07 2009 technology

Recently, I upgrade the version of Drupal that I use for this site – a process that went completely smoothly, to my relief. (Yes, I tried out the upgrade on a test system that mirrored production first, but I always get nervous when tinkering with a production system, even if it’s a tested process).

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Going to Oslo

Saturday, January 17 2009 technology

I’ve started looking into Oslo, the new model driven architecture from Microsoft. In many ways, Oslo looks promising – finally, a way to move to a higher level of abstraction. If they do this right, they really could achieve their goal of improving developer productivity 10x.

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My Vista Experience? It Rocks!

Friday, May 09 2008 technology

I’ve been working for a couple of weeks on a somewhat lengthy post summarising my experiences with Windows Vista, but Ed Bott has beaten me to the punch with a very well written post.

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Future Trends

Wednesday, May 07 2008 technology

Relatively speaking, I guess that Christopher Diggins is a more prominent blogger than I - but from where I’m sitting his recent post on The Future of Programming Languages is almost laughable.

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Tuesday, April 15 2008 technology

Today I was listening to a recent episode of Hanselminutes, where Scott Hanselmann interviewed three guys from Planet Argon about the source control tool Git. I originally heard about Git some time ago and didn’t pay it any heed - having heard the show and done some follow-up research, I’m beginning to think that Git would be worth further investigation.

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Objecteering - Yeah, Right

Monday, June 07 2004 technology

I’m looking for a good UML design tool to use on some larger projects. Objecteering looked like a good prospect to evaluate. Big Mistake.

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No more Applications

Sunday, January 18 2004 technology

Joe Hewit has posted an interesting comment about how he’d like to see applications completely disappear, replaced by an operating system coupled with pieces of functionality from different vendors that all work together.

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