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SharpDox Tips

Saturday, January 02 2016 tips

SharpDox is an exciting open source C# documentation generator that is both easy to set up and easy on the eyes. That said, I’ve run into a couple of minor issues getting it up and running - here’s a summary of my experience in the hope that it saves you some time.

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Effective IO for the Modern Developer

Sunday, June 21 2015 tips

Have you ever observed how much your development process is hindered by the pace of I/O?

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Blink Estimation

Sunday, August 11 2013 tips

Estimation is one of the dark arts of software development.

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Notifying Windows Explorer about files in use

Monday, April 01 2013 tips

Ever tried to delete a file that is in use and wished that Windows Explorer would tell you which application has the file open?

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Code Analysis vs Code Contracts

Saturday, February 16 2013 tips

I’ve started using Microsoft’s Code Contracts and finding some interesting interactions with Code Analysis (aka fxCop), a feature of Visual Studio that I’m already using heavily.

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Comspec corruption - Solved

Wednesday, July 25 2012 tips

As a followup to my recent post “Comspec Corruption”, I’m happy to report that the culprit has been found.

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Comspec corruption

Tuesday, July 10 2012 tips

Following on from my earlier post describing my problems installing Visual Studio 2012 RC. It turns out that some errant installer had set two values for my COMSPEC environment variable:

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Configuration of Log4Net through code

Wednesday, September 14 2011 tips

While writing a windows service, I created a console version for debugging use. I wanted this console to display all the logging, in real time, so I could see things were working. A bit of a search revealed that ColoredConsoleAppender was the desired class, so I added code to set things up.

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What to ask users ...

Monday, August 15 2011 tips

It’s admittedly rare, but sometimes you see something on Twitter that’s worth preserving and repeating …

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Semantic Versioning

Thursday, July 28 2011 tips

Scott Hanselman has an interesting note on product version numbering and naming. My response is too long for a tweet or a facebook comment, so I’m blogging it here and sending him a link …

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IIS Web Application installation trap

Tuesday, March 01 2011 tips

Here’s a trap if you’re setting up an existing web application on a new IIS 7.5 installation …

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On the length of names ...

Monday, February 21 2011 tips

Fresh from the Twitters, courtesy of Uncle Bob:

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Importing Excel data with SSIS

Friday, February 04 2011 tips

If you’re crazy enough to be using SSIS to import information from an Excel workbook into a database, you may get an error like this:

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