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Dependency Load Failures

Friday, April 29 2011 tools

Ever encountered this error?

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Saturday, June 20 2009 tools

Synergy is a useful wee utility that allows you to share a single keyboard and mouse across multiple machines - kind of a software equivalent to a KVM switch, but for keyboard and mouse only. This is very useful if you have two or more machines located next to each other. While I’ve used it to link two Windows XP machines, Synergy has support for a wide range of operating systems, including Macintosh, Linux (and other Unix variants) and the Windows 9x series.

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False positive from Gendarme?

Saturday, May 09 2009 tools

I’m coming up to speed with Gendarme, the open source assembly inspector.

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StyleCop for ReSharper

Tuesday, February 24 2009 tools

Now this qualifies as a great idea – integrating the code layout enforcement of StyleCop with the dynamic at-your-fingertips goodness of ReSharper: StyleCop for ReSharper.

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Thursday, August 28 2008 tools

Lutz Roeder, author of the Reflector tool, has sent out an email burst with this announcement:

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