Recently I’ve been doing a bunch of programming using Visual Basic 6. This has required a pretty quick climb up the learning curve for a new product, but I’m doing OK. However, one thing has really started to really get my goat.

The IDE insists on trying to syntax check every line of code as soon as you move off that line. Normal, I know. But extremely frustrating - it seems that my typing style frequently results in moving from line to line, and this “helpful” feature interrupts me with a menacing bong more than once a minute.

It’s driving me nuts! Not to mention it’s getting in the way of getting anything useful done.

I’m going to have to take the time to try and find how to turn the flaming feature off - or find some way to calm down the hair trigger. I like having my code checked on the fly (and the automatic changing of capitalization is kinda cute), but the demanding dialog and it’s infernal OK button has got to go.


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