Mandelbrot Screensaver v3

Sunday, June 01 2008 mandelbrot

After four years and a complete rewrite in the latest technology, I’m delighted to announce the release of the latest edition of my Mandelbrot screensaver.

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Working with WPF

Sunday, June 01 2008 wpf

Recently, on one of the mailing lists I read, someone wrote “With WPF, I see development and training time being bumped up (at least) a notch or two for no reason other than having a flasher UI.” I thought it worth sharing my response …

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Creative Passion

Friday, June 06 2008 random

I was listening today to a recent Hanselminutes podcast, where Scott Hanselman and Carl Franklin were discussing the Joy of Development.

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Use Cases and User Stories

Friday, June 06 2008

While listening to ARCast recently, I heard the following:

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Continuous Integration with TeamCity

Wednesday, June 11 2008 random

I’ve been spending some time recently setting up TeamCity, the Continuous Integration server from JetBrains.

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Attitudes to Change

Monday, June 16 2008 professional

I was reading today about the so-called ‘awesome bar’ included in the upcoming release of Firefox 3 and was struck by the observation that many commentators seem to be simply complaining about change.

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Sequence Diagrams for Reflector

Monday, June 23 2008 tools

Lutz Roeder’s .NET Reflector has to be one of the most useful tools in my bag of tricks - the ability to spelunk into the depths of an assembly to answer a tricky question has value beyond words.

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StyleCop for C# Coding Standards

Saturday, June 28 2008 stylecopcmd

StyleCop, newly released by Microsoft, is a tool for C# developers. In some ways similar to stable-mate, fxCop, StyleCop analyses your C# source code for compliance against a set of rules that embody Microsoft’s own style conventions for C# code.

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More on StyleCop

Monday, June 30 2008 stylecopcmd

Over the weekend I spent more time with StyleCop, bringing a representative sample of code in line with its recommendations.

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