Lutz Roeder, author of the Reflector tool, has sent out an email burst with this announcement:

“After more than eight years of working on .NET Reflector, I have decided it is time to move on and explore some new opportunities.”

Roeder’s Reflector software is one of my must have tools - a key instrument that helps me to answer “Why does it do that?” and “Is it possible to …”.

It’s likely that the return address on his email burst is unmonitored, but just in case, I wrote back to say:

I’d like to say “Thanks for Reflector” – it’s ability to peer inside other peoples assemblies has helped me to learn a vast amount that would have been next to impossible to learn other ways.

Fortunately, the end of Roeders interest isn’t the end of Reflector - Redgate are going to be providing support and further development.


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