The Butler Did It

Sunday, March 01 2009 technical-debt

While reading a recent post by Jeff Attwood, entitled “Paying down your Technical Debt”, I came to the realisation that the causes of the death of Compudigm weren’t the ones I thought.

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Easier Enums

Wednesday, March 04 2009 smart-code

Here’s a slightly easier way to work with flag enumerations.

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The word "Estimate"

Thursday, March 12 2009 professional

It’s interesting how the word estimate gets thrown around.

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Real World Information Modelling: Naming

Sunday, March 15 2009 random

Despite the growing maturity of our industry, there are some mistakes that seem to be repeated by each new generation of developers.

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Scary Code

Wednesday, March 18 2009 random

I just wrote this code:

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Unscary Code

Thursday, March 19 2009 random

I found a better approach, one that isn’t as scary

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Stages of Competence

Sunday, March 22 2009 professional

Well over 10 years ago I learned of the so called Four stages of competence.

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When to use Var

Thursday, March 26 2009 csharp

I had an interesting conversation with a friend earlier this week, over when to use the var keyword in C# 3.0.

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Class Diagrams as Documentation

Saturday, March 28 2009 tips

The Class Diagram tooling built into Visual Studio is worth its weight in gold as documentation.

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