Of Colour and Presentation

Saturday, April 04 2009 ux

The careful use of colour – of hue, saturation and lightness – can improve a user interface greatly. Sometimes the best use is to avoid distraction, allowing people to concentrate on differences that matter; sometimes the best use is to add information, revealing differences that were previously hidden. Mark Miller (of DotNetRocks and DevExpress fame) spends a lot of time focussing on this area, treating it (rightly, in my opinion) as a competitive advantage.

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We are not our Users

Sunday, April 05 2009 professional

We developers often approach software development as though our end users are just like us. Unfortunately for our end users, this is seldom the case.

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Defining Polymorphism

Tuesday, April 07 2009 professional

Saw an interesting question on StackOverflow today: Polymorphism - Define In Just Two Sentences

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Working smarter with XElement

Tuesday, April 07 2009 smart-code

Sometimes we developers do things the hard way for no better reason that not knowing that a better way is there.

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How not to set up Tests

Friday, April 17 2009 testing

Some unit tests on a project were newly failing - I’d done the checkin immediately before the first failure, so it fell to me to sort out the problem.

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WinForms DataBinding Goodness

Monday, April 27 2009 tips

There’s a lot of “goodness” buried in WinForms databinding that doesn’t get to see the light of day. Here’s one example I discovered just today …

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