The Pragmatic Programmers have a Magazine

Monday, July 06 2009 random

The Pragmatic Programmer is one of the best books I’ve ever read - a copy of it sits on my bookshelf and it gets reread, cover to cover, every 18 months or so. Every time, I learn something new - and I’m reminded why I love my job.

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Older Programmers

Tuesday, July 07 2009 tips

Just read an interesting article which included this comment:

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Performance of Dynamic

Sunday, July 12 2009 smart-code

This is interesting - a side-by-side performance comparison of reflection, dynamic, and direct property access.

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PhpMyAdmin and the White Screen of Death

Sunday, July 12 2009 random

After a recent hardware failure (*) I’ve been setting up a new LAMP sandbox, this time using Ubuntu 9.04 running in a virtualised environment.

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Exception Inspection

Wednesday, July 15 2009 visual-studio

Here’s a useful tip that I didn’t know - you can use the pseudo-variable $exception in the Watch window to see the exception that’s just been caught.

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How to Find Stuff

Thursday, July 16 2009 tips

At this weeks Wellington .NET user group, James asked me how I find stuff - when I need to find out how to get something done, how do I find the information I need. Here’s what I told him.

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Two dangerous little words

Thursday, July 16 2009 professional

There is a common two word phrase that needs to be purged from our vocabulary.

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Monitoring by Ear

Saturday, July 18 2009 random

When I was much younger, programming on my Amstrad CPC 6128, I found I was sometimes able to “debug” my programs by turning the volume up to maximum.

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A Drupal Views "Date Trap"

Sunday, July 19 2009 good-samaritan

Here’s a oddity that caused me a bit of grief this weekend - blogged in the hope that search engine goodness will save someone else some hair pulling.

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