Data Migration issues

Tuesday, August 11 2009 ux

My wife and I had an interesting experience this last weekend while out shopping for a major appliance.

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Locality Counts

Wednesday, August 12 2009 mandelbrot

A friend of mine recently sent me a link to an interesting article “Not Your Father’s Von Neumann Machine: A Crash Course in Modern Hardware”.

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MappingLists with NHibernate

Wednesday, August 19 2009 tips

Here’s a subtlety of NHibernate mapping that I ran into this morning.

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Using new Language and Library Features

Sunday, August 23 2009 professional

Now here’s an interesting question that came up in conversation recently:

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An Architects Life

Wednesday, August 26 2009 random

“If Architects had to work like software developers”, a hilarious (and sadly true) tale …

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Are we speaking the same Language?

Wednesday, August 26 2009 professional

I’m continually surprised by the level of disagreement and argument that occurs simply because the people conversing are working from different definitions of basic words.

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Windows 7 User Experience Guidelines

Monday, August 31 2009 ux

Microsoft have just released an update of their User Experience Guidelines, for Windows 7.

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